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Taro Reading

Taro Reading

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This is an opportunity for you to receive guidance about all areas of your life. We offer 6 types of spread virtually.

To book a Taro Reading please choose the type that is best suited for your current inquiry. As a rule, the information you will receive is valid for 1 year as anything outside of that period is still being programmed by matrix consciousness, hence we do not recommend to look at anything beyond that time frame.


This type of spread is the simplest spread we offer, where your main question will give us a Yes or No answer. For example: Will we get back together? During what period of time?

2. Mini Hearts

This spread is a general view on a relationship that you are currently in. We look at your feelings, actions and heart’s desires towards him/her? Significant points of the current exchange/situation that is between you two. As well as those events that will take place in the near future.

3. Deep Hearts

This spread we look deep into the heart of your partner. What are your partner’s thoughts, actions and true feelings?

4. Career

This Taro spread will give you an overall view of where you are in your career today, where it is going and also what might be good to keep in mind. Taro always can give you advise and are great at showing us things we don’t always want to acknowledge.

5. Soulmate

This is a great spread for those of us who are single and are looking to find that special someone. Is she/he on its way? i.e. will I in a year’s time meet a person with whom I shall develop a serious relationship? What is current situation? Are there any obstacles for that to happen? If yes, what kind of relationship shall it be? Will I be satisfied? What is Taro’s advise? If the answer is no, then why? Is now a best time to be single and getting to know yourself better. What can you do in order to meet your other half?

6. 12 Houses

Here we do an overview of all areas of life such as Health, Journeys, Home, Family, Work, Love… What is the area where you put most of your energy into? If it is studying, how shall that energy manifest? We delve into the Now and what shall take place in the near Future. What is your current status, will it change?

In order to book a session, make sure to choose wisely and don’t forget to provide us with your mobile number. We will get in touch via the WhatsApp to fulfil your purchase.

We wish you a happy and fulfilled life.

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