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LAPTI - Traditional Russian Shoes

LAPTI - Traditional Russian Shoes

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Time: Vintage
Energy: Handmade
Nature: 100% Birch Tree

Colour: Natural/ Beige
Size: 38, 41
Edition 2 of 2
Sourced andCrafted: Russia

Description: Traditional Russian style shoes called LAPTI made from Birch Tree. Considered to be one of the most healthiest shoes due to the properties of the tree. Usually worn over a sock.
Birch bark has been used in Russia for production of household items and accessories for centuries, the secrets this tradition have been passed down from one generation to another. It is well known that birch bark is rich in betulin (birch camphor) and its components contain healing qualities such as anti-stress action, antispasmodic, analgesic with powerful anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-bacterial qualities.  

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