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Iulia Filipovscaia - If I can't have a dress

Iulia Filipovscaia - If I can't have a dress


‘If I cant have a brand’


Mistletoe, Straw, Recycled Silk Fabric and Yarn on Styrofoam

17 x 13 cm, unframed 

Iulia Filipovscaia 

I ve been interested in weaving more recently and am hoping to make bigger work using weaving technique with all kinds of interesting material. The mistletoe I bought last Christmas (Dec 2017) for myself, the silk is from a Stella McCartney dress that someone gifted to me, but it was so old it was tearing apart, the silk yarn are pieces left over from Loro Piano yarn I bought for my brand Lana Siberie. I ran my brand for about 4 years but I wasn’t able to grow it big either due to my interest in one of kind items, lack of money to invest or possible as some of my friends say because I wasn’t commercial, so I say with this piece: If I cant have a brand, meaning I at least can have a mini recycled dress that satisfies me.

mistletoe has a magical significance, because the plants apparent ability to spontaneously appear without roots

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