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Lana Siberie - Good Sleep sachet

Lana Siberie - Good Sleep sachet

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Good sleep sachet is made out of vintage handwoven linen and filled with dried lavender for relaxing times.

size: 18.5 x 16 cm

It is best left on your pillow before sleep and/or on the bedside table at night for the scent to do its magic.

There is an option to embroider initials on to the sachet whether you are making a gift for yourself or others as well as to add a rose quartz to the bundle. It is good for self love and trusting your intuition.

I clean crystals 3 different ways: I. Bury them under the ground for 4-5 days II. Wash them with purified water III. Leave them in the moon/sun to charge.

It would be great if you or whoever this gift is intended for placed their hand over the sachet and made an intention given the crystal is inside.

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