weird, wild and wonderful by Iulia Filipovscaia



At your service

Everything I do is about being of service to the Universe. The training in Arts allowed to me to make my own tools in order to let magic live amongst us. Here are some of the services I offer in order to bring healing to your life. The basis of is the underlying principle that everything is connected and alive. Healing takes place automatically. Here is a list of my Objects of Power


Let the Wand be your Mouth

I made this magical wand in November 2017 whist working on a fantastic film. It is 43cm long tool put together using red ivy, honey locust tree and vintage linen yarn.

It is an Object of Power that you make magic with. Wand is an arrow, a stream of energy channelled or directed.

Red Ivy is a super strong perennial plant that represents eternity, fidelity and powerful affectionate wedded love or friendship. It spreads rapidly and climbs great heights, binds plants together in this instance, Honey Locust that is a symbol of beauty, tolerance, and protection. 

Together the energy of the wand is one of a powerful and loving protection. The way to use it, is to let go of your mind and let the wand talk.

Flamboyant Rattle


After coming back from the Caribbean in July 2018, where you can find Flame Tree blooming during this period. I was house sitting with my cat Oton and found this 18” pod outside the flat. This what happens when Spirit knows what you need. It delivers it to your door.

Delonix regia known as Flamboyant or Flame Tree is a flowering tree with fern-like leaves and very vivid red/orange/yellow flowers. It is a wildly cultivated ornamental tree. It requires a tropical or near tropical climate. You can find it in Caribbean, Africa, Hong Kong, the Canary Islands, Thailand, Taiwan and southern China. In the Caribbean, it blooms May through September.

The seed pods are used as a percussion instrument known as the shak-shak or maraca. I use them to shake out any reservations you have about yourself (personality, body, stagnant energy or entity), by cutting away any ties or knots that you hold you or put a stop to your personal freedom. It will bring back confidence in your behaviour and comfort with your own flamboyancy. If you feel like you can dance it out with me. It will be even more powerful.

More coming soon…