Taro Reading

Taro Reading

from 23.00

This is an opportunity for you to receive guidance about all areas of your life.

As a rule, the information you will receive is valid for 1 year as anything outside of that period is still being programmed by matrix consciousness, hence we do not recommend to look at anything beyond that time frame.

In order to book a session decide whether you want to do it live or virtually.

If you would like to do it over the phone. We will send you the spread over and record a message explaining it. There is no boundaries for spirit. Please provide us with your mobile number. We will get in touch via the WhatsApp to fulfil your purchase.

If you want do it live, then contact to arrange a time and date in London. Live sessions takes around 30min not more. I do a general spread and an overview of how your heart, mind and subconscious feel, what happened in the past and what is coming up for you in the near future. If we got time we will draw an oracle card and I will speak to you from the Spirit.

I wish you a happy and fulfilled life.


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