LANA SIBERIE - Lace Long sleeve - God is one

LANA SIBERIE - Lace Long sleeve - God is one

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Time: Vintage
Energy: Handmade
Nature: 80% Handwoven Linen, 20% Vintage Lace

Colour: Natural, White
Size: All size S/M/L
Edition 3 of 3
Crafted: UK

The lace long-sleeve tops come in 3 types. This is the second style.
2. Front - God in Russian: БОГ, Back - number 1
It is a message to all those who believe god is within and/or without one self that all religions or selfs is ONE uniting belief

Lana Siberie crafts one of a kind items from handmade, vintage and natural materials. Sustainability, Mindfulness and Wellness are the main principals that govern the realms of the brand's universe.

* The weaving irregularity and colour variations that may occur in some of these fabrics are intrinsic to the hand process by which they were woven and dyed.

Care: Due to the nature of the product, the best way to preserve and use is to gently wash your garment in cool water, use an eco washing machine, eco or natural detergent, and avoid any chemical products. Warning: don't iron the Lana Siberie label.

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