LANA SIBERIE - Triplet Dress

LANA SIBERIE - Triplet Dress

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Time: Vintage
Energy: Handmade
Nature: 30% handwoven vintage cotton, 30% handwoven vintage linen, 40% knitted wool

Colour: Beige/Check
Size: S
Edition 1 of 1
Crafted: London, UK

Description: This garment is made from handmade cotton, linen, and wool. There is check detailing on the bottom and on the bodice. The skirt and sleeves are beige. The sleeves are three quarters length.

AW17 : In physics, a spherical pendulum is a higher dimensional analogue of the PENDULUM.

Geometry translates the steps towards balancing the energies. A male energy (square) is contained by the female energy (sphere). 

During the Autumn collection we’ve moved on to the, ‘In the Centrifugal Universe, there is a Rotation Speed within each other and a sequence within each other. There is an Expansion and an opening from the centre towards the circumference of a circle’. All  womenswear garments focus on internal circumference within them.

* The weaving irregulations and color variations that may occur in some of these fabrics are intrinsic to the hand process by which they were woven and dyed.

Care: Due to the nature of the product, the best way to preserve and use is to gently wash your garment in cool water, use an eco washing machine, eco or natural detergent, and avoid any chemical products. Warning: don't iron the Lana Siberie label.

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