Iulia Filipovscaia - Nest Mouth Head

Iulia Filipovscaia - Nest Mouth Head


Time: Vintage
Energy: Handmade
Nature: Lychee skin, leaves, stone, soil, oil and acrylic paints on canvas

Size: 30 x 30,5 x 5cm, unframed
Edition 1 of 1
Crafted: Ischia/London

Description: Made using embroidered onto the canvas lychee skin, real nest, leaves, stone, and soil, this oil, and acrylic mixed media abstract portrait is still a mystery to me. Having started it originally in summer 2012 when I lived in Ischia island in Italy and came to fruition in London at the begging of 2017. What began as a painting of a chalk, morphed into an abstract, conceptual portrait adorned with walk fall finds of nature. Any further questions please don' hesitate to contact me.
'Nest Mouth Head'
2012- 2017

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