Iulia Filipovscaia - Entirely Bored (RR)

Iulia Filipovscaia - Entirely Bored (RR)


Medium : Oil on canvas and embroidery
Size: Slightly less than 2x2 m, stretched
One of a kind
London, UK

Description: Entirely Bored (RR) is a work originated from a series of collage studies titled The Mineral Man and is a mixed media artwork of man with a Beril Crystal head. The canvas has been primed with traditional rabbit skin glue and the background has been embroidered with one of a kind arrangement. It is an oil painting. 
This particular Beril is a major heliodor from a famous deposit, with incredible gemminess and great luster.
Entirely Bored (RR)
The Mineral Man

The green color of the mineral represents grand abundance and intellect associated with the person portrayed. The Beril and Heliodor, in general, is said to be favourite healing and divination stone thought to empower incantations; prevention of bladder infections, kidney stones, and asthma; a "cure-all" for jaundice, liver disease, and laziness, helps to reconcile married couples, revive fading love and bring victory in battle or litigation...For more information click here

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