Some ideas on transcendence…for more visit our shop based on Alchemical System, which aim and purpose is to purify, mature and perfect matter.

There abides in Nature a certain pure Matter (Substance), which, being discovered and brought by Art to perfection, converts to itself proportionally all imperfect bodies that it touches
— Saith Arnold de Villanova

Tarot and Psychic Read

I have been giving reads for over 2 years now. Both my grandmother and mother used cards to see the past, present and future. It is recommended to do it in order to get a really good prospective of how you are operating at the moment, what thoughts concern you and what can you do to better it. I usually do a general spread with tarot and then draw an Oracle Card that I use for a physic read

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One of a kind items from handmade, vintage and natural materials. Sustainability, Mindfulness and Wellness are the main principals that govern the realms of the brand's universe

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We openly support all indigenous people across he world and their practices! Be it shamans in Siberia, Amazon or Africa!
‘Shaman is an ancient term for a healer and a person of medicine─a person who conveys beauty and health. Today, it is essential that we recover this model of the human that is dedicated to service and healing and stewardship of the planet.’ A.Villoldo