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New You!

We, humans have so many limiting beliefs... How can we be whole if we perceive ourselves as unwholesome, unwholy? 

I just like you thought that I am special, that I am differnt, that my problems are bigger and more important than others. I d think, I never had backup. No father, brother, husband, teacher to support or guide me, but I m guessing you got your story and it also got ’the big, bad wolf's’in it. I argued for my limitations and not in just one area of my life. 

What we tend to forget that universe is balanced. There is perfect equilibrium of forces that are at stake. You might not have the money to start a business but you are great at creating posts on Instagram, when someone on the other side of world is fortunate with a father who’ve done well and secured his family's everyday income, but they are dyslexic. 

What I am saying is we all have got the tools WE need but we talk them down.  

What do you think would have happened if you loved your body, loved your internal self, appreciated your family and friends, choose to do what you enjoy the most every day and act from the highest excitement. How would your life would look like? How would you talk about yourself? What about the others? 

Wouldnt you see the beauty of the self in everything?! Don’t you think you will then aknowledge how everyone are doing their best from the level of their understanding. How enriching and whole the life of you would be! How happy it makes me feel to think of myself in that way. 

This is what I wish for you today and always. 

Everyone are equally important and unique. It reminds me of time when I was sitting at a dinner with two girlfriends of mine, finding our differences beautiful whilst enjoying listening to their prospective.

The road to freedom starts from loving the self as there are no such thing as imperfection. When you read this sentence I know a space opens up inside of you for that love to come in and for that love, you may wish look internally for everyday, because that is the place where starts a new you! 


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