I've recently made on an artwork that depicts a conversation between a head of a bear (mineral) and a human (mineral). It is not a new way of working as I have made a series of Mineral Portraits and paintings, however the subject reference of this work really puzzled me for a while…

As with most of my work I make it without questioning/doubting but rather trusting and allowing it come through naturally and read/receive through meditation information about its meaning.

In my everyday I feel and follow the Mayan Lunar Calendar with its 13 moons by the Foundation for the Law of Time, which is far more intune with the female cycle and is a departure from the financially orientated Gregorian calendar we are using on the worldly plane today. Mayans being in my field of thought reminded me of the 4 Root races. 

Any guesses as to what minerals we are looking at? Many gemstones and minerals are saturated with blue hues:  Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite etc.

Any guesses as to what minerals we are looking at? Many gemstones and minerals are saturated with blue hues: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite etc.

Blue Race include North of America, east part of Australia and a bit of Antarctica. 

Here is a classification of my own:

1. The Real 

Paul Karason

Paul Karason

Paul here overdosed on new-age suggestions in a health magazine by taking colloidal silver. He drank about 10 ounces a day of the home-brew that he dissolved in water. He had a rare medical syndrome known as argyria or silver poisoning from dietary supplements.

I hope no one is desperate to become Indigo especially with the recent Indigo children epidemy - this is NOT the WAY!

There was another case of blue-skinned people known as THE BLUE PEOPLE OF TROUBLESOME CREEK or Fugate Family: 


I really like this painting. Here an entire family from isolated Appalachia was tinged blue.  They had one of those recessive diseases that only surfaces if both parents carry a defective gene. The Fugate progeny had a genetic condition called methemoglobinemia, which was passed down through a recessive gene and blossomed through intermarriage.

The next group is called The Applied (II), because the representatives of this group would not be entirely blue and use an external material to appear so. 

These are of course would be the Tuaregs, a nomadic group of people in the Sahara whose traditional territories included Mali and parts of Niger, Morocco, Algeria etc. I doubt how true it is that the babies would be blue because mother's skin would absorb so much indigo, having said that, I came out orange because of the number of oranges my mother was eating when she was pregnant with me. 


And last but not least we got The Picts who were an early race of Scotsmen, fought naked and painted themselves blue with woad. They were known as the blue people. On par with Tuaregs, I 'd place them in the Applied section.



The others excitingly are the Russian and Japanese indigenous people from Hokkaido and Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands.  What's great is that specifically, the women tattoed their mouths, and sometimes the forearms. The mouth tattoos were started at a young age with a small spot on the upper lip, gradually increasing in size. The Ainu...whose skin hue is often described as blue. 

Neytiri from the Avatar film

Neytiri from the Avatar film

It is not so cold there that the northern climate would make such an effect on their skin.. as was the case with the dead and frozen Wights or White Walkers in the Game of Thrones, which takes us to the third class. The Industrial, meaning the versions of blue species created by the film industry. 

Lets take Na'vi - humanoids indigenous to Pandora in the first Avatar, as more movies are yet to come, second being scheduled for 2020. 

Apparently, beautifully tailed Neytiri – was inspired by a dream that Cameron's mother had. In it, she saw a blue-skinned woman 12 feet (4 m) tall. Also, the director mentions the love for the color itself and connection to the Hindu deities, which fits right into the 4th category of Enlightened and the prime example of which is Krishna. 

Another gorgeous voice of a blue race is Diva from the Fifth Element. Listen to here.


Beauty of a man - Krishna

Beauty of a man - Krishna

On a blog of a fellow inquirer on the subject of blue blooded species, I found these extrapolations:

'I am wondering if this ‘blueness’ is a textural or perceptual vibrational quality which we call ‘blue’. Like we see and call the sky ‘blue’ but it is thin air. It is a photonic frequency.

A few more associations – the human ‘blue-print’, ‘cold-blooded’ amphibians, dolphins, and lack of haemaglobin (as in red blood cells) due to the low-light of the Inner Sun – and maybe ultra-violet light-sensitive, or higher light frequency adaptation.'

Photonic frequency is something that stood out to me immediately and I can see that it is simply put a higher frequency vibration. Colour of which is blue and I would go as far as saying lilac or lavender. Something I felt even during today's mediation. It is can be correlated to the cooling effect higher energy has, as most feel cold after such powerful energies condense on to them by their own pull. What is interesting is that the pull can vary depending on your own 'strength': Power of your energy and the level of frequency to which your body is used to.

Talking Heads by Iulia Filipovscaia

Talking Heads by Iulia Filipovscaia

Here is my new work which is actually about the communication between animals and humans, and how that communication is telepathic from the side of an animal and sound in the human world. However, if synchronized, it is easily achievable. That is what we are witnessing on the collage. 

I believe it is present... It is simple, but I like it.

Several months later I read a book titled ‘The Wind is my Mother’ recommended to me by someone close. In this beautiful and generous knowledge shared by a medicine man of Native American origin.

He says if you see Blue Jays around your house it mean they’ve come to instill protection in you and you are taken care of. It is one of the ways The Great Spirit (God/Universe) acknowledges your presence here.  Blue they are because they were sent by the Great Spirit. Sky is blue and it represents the Great Spirit above.  

Moreover, Bear Heart specifically takes about the ability of grizzly bears being able to talk telepathically. If you don't believe this coincidence, give it a read.  

Conclusion: the Blue race or the Indigo Children care about animals and are able to talk telepathically with animals.