New Science Fiction revival…

The SPACE AGE is back and the new science fiction revival of Cosmic Voyages and Saturn Ring is upon us! 

So why is it, that half of the Sloane Street is covered in Planets, Space Ships and Aliens are coming out of the window displays, institutions are putting up Cyber shows and Extra - Terrestrials are no longer some outlandish concept. Are all fashion campaigns plugged into one intel feed? It is no wonder at all. The human thought has been expanding and seems like we have finally come to terms with the vastness of the Universe and the fact that there is little chance that we are alone... Aliens in their myriad of forms are no longer some crazy idea.  

Gucci window display in Milan, October 2017 - AW17

Gucci window display in Milan, October 2017 - AW17

We've all seen the FW17 Gucci campaign and I personally thought their Milan window, where I flew for a meeting and family celebration of Lana's, my mother, birthday, was quite progressive, but Gucci are not alone on this. Hermes, my all time favourite, on the subject of window displays, with their 'rich history' and more recently conceptually bright windows by Storey Studio had products appear as orbiting within their own universe. So did Dolce and Gabbana as well as the children clothing brand Jacadi, who referenced the theme in products themselves. 

Storey Studio for Hermes - window display of products to be orbiting within their own universe

Storey Studio for Hermes - window display of products to be orbiting within their own universe

It is not only in FASHION that rockets and saucers are taking the front line, the ART and SCIENCE are all getting geared up for it.  A wonderful exhibition recently finished at the Barbican Centre called ‘Into The Unknown’ has a great reading list and of course, the exhibition catalogue of 228 pages of inspiring illustrations of contemporary art, iconic science fiction illustration, concept art and vintage design. Sadly, I’ve missed the show, but I could not leave Barbican visited for the Basquiat exhibition, which is on until 28 January 2018, without this book! 

What about the Robots show at the Science Museum, have you seen that? A journey spanning five centuries, illustrated with robotic artefacts from around the globe. Another brilliant example. Although robots are really old news when you got cyborg in town (Read the National Geographic).

We can’t ignore the film industry, this year's final of the Star Wars trilogy will be filmed, The Avatar 2 and 3 are in planning and look at the number of Marvel Films flooding the cinemas! Today every kid and adult wants to have special abilities like Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, in Stranger Things and look like Ex-Machina.


These Saturn rings that compel us to move in this direction Cosmos, what is it? - progress, curiosity or perhaps a territorial agenda? 

As Patrick Gyer in his opening essay of ' A Journey Through Science Fiction' shares the fact even though we humans have a long history of fascination with space that never has science fiction has been so popular and mainstream as it is today.

With the Golden Age upon us yet once again, we keep expanding and exploring the reality of this multiverse universe with our thought and creativity.

There is a theory suggesting, that we've been spinning backwards through time all the way to the bang itself. Wouldnt that explain the revival of new age trends and the fact that all those who are channelling are afraid of a disaster coming our way? Would we have to relive the Big Bang? From the physics point of view, this is how a star goes supernova. Spiritually speaking, transcendence through death has always been the way forward however literal you want to take it and as per Fountain (2006) that followed The Matrix (1999), Mayans believed that 'Death is a road to Awe' and that our souls will meet before the star is transformed.

From the latest info, SATURN IN PARTICULAR, PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE AS IT IS BELIEVED THAT IT IS WHERE THE EXIT IS. But 'exit' to what and from where...but more importantly when?!

In the meantime, whilst we purify our body and mind, AI's are coming for our jobs, Nasa is seriously practicing in the Gulf of Mexico in preparation for their trip to the red planet and I am waiting for the new science fiction films Blade Runner 2049 and Ready Player One since I am in it! 

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