The 'BLACK MAGIC' of Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin Oil

The little black seed of Nigella Sativa native to Asia that Black Cumin Oil is made from, is mentioned in the Bible, recommended by Prophet Muhammad, used by the Egyptian gang, referred to by Hieronymus Boch. This list goes on and you just might want to consider the powers of this tiny Magical Wonder.

It is said to have immense healing properties. As the cousin cannabis sativa, it actually bears more therapeutic power. 



Have a look below at the long list of health benefits.

I highly recommend Black Cumin Seed Oil to be taken internally.

It is believed to have a beneficial effect on individuals with liver, colon or breast cancer, it strenghens hormone system, prevents blood clotting, helps with hair loss. It is a good diuretic. It filters out toxins, decresses amount of sugar in blood. It is antimicrobal and so on. All due to its active compounds, crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone that are studied the most. Other components are: myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2,B3, calcium, folate, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous.

Here is the full list.

Seeds are: acrid bitter thermogenic aromatic carminative diurectic emmenagogue anodyne antibacterial anti-inflammatory deodorant appetising digestive anthelmintic constipating sudorific febrifuge stimulant galactagogue expectorant

Good for: skin diseases haemorrhoids cephalalgia jaundice inflammation fever paralysis ophthalmia halitosis anorexia dyspepsia flatulence diarrhoea dysentery cough amenorrhoea dysmemorrhoea helminthiasis (especially tapeworm) stangury intermittent fevers, agalactia and vitiated conditions of vata and pita

These are the 4 main super powers of the Nigella seed:

  • Inner purification and detox of body

  • Reduction of mucous and strengthens lungs

  • Fever, coughs, colds, toothache and headache

  • Skin diseases and wound treatments

  • Intestinal parasites and worms and remedy for poisonous bites and stings

There are 3 ways to go about it:

I. Seeds themselves is one. These are great for a sprinkle on top of a salad for those of you who are strict raw vegans. I also cook a simple hot dish of boiled lentils, which would work for more practical vegans and vegetarians or it can be a final touch for your salmon bowl if you are a pescatarian. Feeling famished already? Here is your £2.50 on a delivering kangaroo, is it? :)

II. Topically massage the oil in areas that require attention (head and chest) 

III. And the last and the most efficient in my opinion is to have it in the morning before breakfast. For dosage, use one teaspoon as your guide and take a small sip every day, I do. Some prefer to mix that teaspoon with 1/4 of water and/or add a bigger spoon of honey in Tutankhamen style, tea, homemade cosmetics up to you! 

Taking it internally, will have faster and stronger effect as the oil is absorbed straight away. Find the best product out there or test things that you can afford as . Things to look out for : A. Organic B. None chemical extraction C. Purity D. High quality glass bottle. 

I personally, haven't bought Nigella oil in UK yet. This summer having attended a conference on Cosmic Consciousness in Istanbul, Turkey I witnessed the pressing of Black Cumin right before my eyes at the Egyptian Bazaar amongst heaps of spices.

Here are some thoughts on the products out there:

1. For 100% of organic, cold pressed, Egyptian, potent edible oil, this option seems reasonable.

2.  Viridian brand has been out there for a while. It says Egyptian, as those are the best, vegan and organic, but I am not certain on the packaging and the cold press

4. This however, is the most expensive but it ticks all the boxes due the Miron glass especially. Alchemists used Miron during the Middle Ages and times of ancient Egypt, where valuable essences and healing natural products were kept in GOLD and VIOLET glass containers. 

I think that is it for now. All I can add is that I got a strong immune system, get up early easily, do what I love for long hours and don't use any chemical medicine for more than 3-4 years now. Whether it is pure luck, I doubt it, as I see friends around me getting flues. Is it the superpowers, well, yes! All you need to know is how to access those. This is why I started this blog. For those who want to lead a supernatural way of living across all areas of life. 

Useful links: Whether you trust Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine or scientific research here, but best give it a go and share the results.

And in regards to Nigella Sativa, it is not by chance that it has been mentioned in sacred texts and known as the blessed seed, there has to be some truth to the word. Test it yourselves. 

The Wonderful...