by Iulia Filipovscaia

photograph by Austeja Liu


The reason for starting TWW was the fact that it became impossible to define myself as one thing and one thing only. Some say master one craft and do it well, but what about the genius of Leonardo DaVinci and Emanuel Swedenborg who have explored everything from art to science and at no surprise came across alchemy, sacred geometry and spirituality. They saw the connection between all things.

Humans are multifaceted beings and their evolvement has no boundaries. We are part of an endless multiverse and are integral Creators. Supernatural is the natural state of existence and it seeks purification for furthering ones consciousness. Everything is a Consciousness and it is up to us to make that connection that is always accessible, as well as the power to transmute energies.

This website is based on an Alchemical System, which aim and purpose is to purify, mature and perfect Matter. Matter of course does not transmute it only transcends its original function or Materia Prima.

Iulia Filipovscaia, M.A. is a multidisciplinary artist, founder of Lana Siberie fashion label and a Russian- British actress from Siberia living in London, UK.